Mechanical Artistry Profound magnificence
An American watch brand with Swiss watchmaking technology, Wakmann has launched its latest Jetmaster Skeleton Automatic watch, showcasing the sophistication of hollow-carved craftsmanship meticulously with a blend of contemporary and vintage design. This masterpiece has redefined the beauty of classic watchmaking artistry with a modern aesthetic perspective. 

A watch brand founded in New York in 1946 during World War II, Wakmann has been delivering accurate and reliable watches to the U.S. Military and citizens. Experienced in providing accurate time pieces to the military and designing fashionable watches, Wakmann’s watch designs prevail in the realms of classic artistry and classy composition.

Profound Hollow-carved Aircraft Engine Replica
This year’s latest Jetmaster Skeleton Automatic watch is armed with a dial that exhibits a hollow-carved structure inspired by an aircraft engine. The radiating pattern of the outer ring is an imitation of the dynamics of turning propellers, manifesting the intimacy between the brand and the aviation industry. The classic elements of the watch are generated by the 42 mm stainless steel case handled with rose gold PVD and brown leather strap, adding an elegant touch to the watch. The time piece is equipped with Swiss-made automatic movement Caliber WA9000. The hollow-carving procedure is delicately crafted in a traditional fashion, enabling vivid demonstration of the mechanical operation of the movement right in the hollow centre – the mechanical beauty is made crystal clear. 

While showcasing its classic mojo, the watch has simultaneously manifested Wakmann’s trendy time piece design philosophy. The movement components seen through the dial have been adorned with a shade of black, which has enormously enhanced the dimensions of the hollow-carved movement, and multiplied the sense of mystery and style. The radiating pattern along the periphery of the dial where the time scales stand has further pushed the layer complexity to a higher level. 

Fashionably Functional 
The periphery of the black dial marked with scale is devised with the Swiss technology Self-Powered Micro Gas Tubes to allow independent provision of brightness without any external light sources. The light is over 100 times brighter than luminous paints deployed by ordinary aviation watches, with a lifetime easily reaching 25 years. The 12 o’clock position is fitted with two vertically parallel orange micro gas tubes while the remaining 11 positions’ single micro gas tubes are green. The rose gold arrow-shaped hour and minute hands are also each armed with two green micro gas tubes. The scale with luminous micro gas tubes have not only raised the readability in the dark but also become a chic element of the watch design. 

The majestic and mysterious flavors the face of the dial exhibits are extended to the back of the dial. The back cover and the spinning automatic rotor centre of Caliber WA9000 are both adorned with rose gold PVD. On the rotor marked a round logo of Wakemann ‘Double W’. Through the transparent back cover seen the movement components processed with a shade of black. One can appreciate how intimately the movement components work together from another angle. Caliber WA9000 automatic movement’s outstanding functions include 36 hours of power reserve and 50 metre of water resistance.