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Encapsulates the different meanings of Light.
What does 53g in weight look like? A latest smartphone? Nope. The answer is Wakmann Oceanlight 46, a brand new collection made with revolutionary material. As the flagship collection that targeting the younger generation, numerous bold changes have been made in terms of design and materials of Oceanlight 46. In recent years, Carbon Fiber has become the synonym of chic trendiness. From aviation to automotive industry, the application of this popular material is endless and the viral movement has finally caught on in the watch making industry like wildfire.  Carbon Fiber is a material full of contradictions and surprises. It is remarkably light in weight and yet its strength and tenacity are comparable to those of stainless steel.

Apart from its functional superiority, the unique texture of carbon fiber has also captured the eyes of Wakmann designers. To retain the matt black, rock-like texture, no superfluous polish has been made to the 46mm case, leaving it in the natural robust finishing. For the watch band, the rubber strap weights next to nothing but adds vivid personality to the design in spades with its color combinations. Bold contrast and vibrant colors are the first impression that most people associate with Oceanlight 46, from the subtle mysterious jet black to intense red and glowing blue, the whole collection offers 7 breath-taking color options. The ingeniousness in design does not stop at the color interplay, the contrasting textile print used on the dial creates an illusion that the indexes are floating on top of the dial. 

Micro Gas Tubes Technology
Formed by the Swiss-made self-powered micro gas tubes, the indexes can emit cold white light for up to 25 years without external power source or battery, making time reading under any condition hassle free. In the heart of the watch case housed a Swiss-made quartz movement, supreme accuracy is a given. The 3 hands with date display function is chosen for its simplicity and practicality. To pay homage to the celebrated diver watch designs, Oceanlight 46 is water resistant up to 100m and features a unidirectional rotating bezel, allowing wearer to keep track of the elapsed diving time.

The thoughtfulness that goes into the making of Oceanlight 46 is evident in every minute aspect of the watch. The crown has been moved to the 10 o’clock position from its usual 3 o’clock position in order to not only minimize chafing between the wearer and the crown, but also offers better protection to the crown from external impact. The left flank of the casebody is slightly protruded for both aesthetical and functional reasons, not only does it give the watch a more compelling shape, it also stabilizes the watch when it is laid on its side.

At Wakmann, we believe nothing is too trivial to be overlooked. We have revamped the free loop with an added jut to lock-in the strap in the adjustment hole, so that even during the most robust activity, the strap will stay in place. The imaginative design, revolutionary material and pragmatic functionality make Wakmann Oceanlight 46 the must have sport watch of the year.