To Lead the Trend of Military Aviation Watch

During the Second World War, a Russian Mr. Icko Wakmann was inPortugalrunning watch business. At that time his unique insight made him notice that manyAmericawatch manufacturers were requisitioned by the government to manufacture equipment for the military and could not give consideration to the commercial and civilian timepiece business. Plus, American government imposed tax on imported high-class Swiss watches in order to support local watch manufacturing industry. That was a good opportunity of entrepreneurship in the watch industry. Therefore, Mr. Wakmann, together with his wife and children, decided to go toAmericaand established the Wakmann Watch Company ofNew Yorkin 1946, stepping onto the road of professional watch production.

Wakmann was soon appointed as a timepiece supplier for the American military, and the brand's aviation timepiece had become more and more exquisite. Meanwhile, a variety of professional aviation timepieces were developed, including special timer for warplane and aircraft cockpit, as well as all kinds of aviation watches etc.

As a leading aviation chronometer maker in the industry, Wakmann has always been upholding four business philosophy, namely the professional accuracy, pursuit of high quality, innovative research and novel design. The watch design of the brand also reflects a unique spirit - like the pilots operating fighters in the air who are attentive with a determined look, seizing every minute and second to complete the task. This kind of warrior spirit is seen in the details of Wakmann's watches. For confident, precise, and modern warriors, Wakmann is their ideal choice on the wrist.

Wakmann has so far launched as many as two hundred watches, offering fashionable, affordable, and durable watches for both men and women. All watches of the brand are Swiss production with the highest level of quality. This Pilot Stealth Pilot Series Stealth Watch integrates the Swiss advanced self-powered micro tube technology with cool black appearance design like that of a stealth fighter, fully meeting two trends of aviation watch and army watch, which is fashionable and practical.

Self-powered Micro Gas Tube Technology

The brand has introduced advanced self-powered micro gas tube technology from Swiss and configured onto the dial and time scales. Without external light source, each gas lamp can light independently and the life is up to 25 years. In addition, its brightness is over 100 times more than the light of titanium luminous paint used by general aviation watches, making the wearer can clearly read the time in different light environments at any time. It is especially suitable for application in the cabin environment with light scattering from different angles, therefore it has become a very important technology feature of Wakmann. For this Pilot Stealth Pilot Series Stealth Watch, its surface has 14 pieces of Switzerland's most advanced self-powered micro tubes, four of which are beneath the Arabia digital scales inscribed on the watch mirror at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 positions, emitting bright fluorescence in the dark. These micro tubes have three colors, including orange, green, and yellow, which are all applied to a single surface. The 12 position is in orange micro tube, while the hour needle is yellow and the other time scales are in green, so that the entire display can be more readable, allowing the pilots to clearly read time in the dark anytime, anywhere.

Cool Black Design as A Stealth Fighter

As early in the period of the WWII, Wakmann was appointed as the chronometer supplier for American military, and once designed several military watches for the then stealth fighter team, letting the team members wear during perform tasks. Today, Wakmann once again leads the army watch boom and makes the metallic black of stealth fighter fuselage become the tone of the Pilot Stealth Pilot Series Stealth Watch. The surface of black PVD solid steel made case and strap has gone through grinding process, thus the metal texture and stealth fighter fuselage are exactly the same. Have a careful look at the dial, you'll find out that the four Arabia digital times scales at 3, 6, 9 and 12 positions are “suspending” on the black dial, which is because that the four time scales are carved onto the watch mirror rather than on the dial. This design not only won't let time scale hinder the luminous display of micro tube, but also embellishes the watch with unique style and sense of layers, especially in the model with black carbon fiber dial.

Clear 24 Hour Display

In the aspect of function, the Pilot Stealth Series possess 14 pieces of self-powered micro tubes, which can display time with luminous in dark environment. A small date window is arranged between the four to five positions on the surface. In addition to the four large Arabia digital time scales at 3, 6, 9 and 12 positions, the central position of the dial is printed with other 12 smallArabiadigitals from 13 to24 inorder to display in 24 hours. These digitals are side by side with the luminous micro tubes, which is very clear and easy for pilots to read the real time.

Variety Mix and High Cost Performance

The Pilot Stealth Series have a total of thirteen styles, with a rich selection from case to dial design to strap, creating amazing mix varieties. No matter you care for daily work and outdoor activities, for simple fashion style or just tough sportive look, the Series have everything that one expects to find. The Series' case provides choices like fine steel, rose gold steel PVD, black and rose gold PVD as well as black PVD. Besides black, the dial can also be found in sapphire blue, silver and white, as well as black carbon fiber color commonly used in the flight technology. Moreover, the time scales on the surface and watch mirror are also in black, white, blue, yellow, red and other colors. As a result, matching with flight dashboard pointer display of different colors, you can mix in different styles. As for the straps, they are in fine steel, rose gold color, black steel PVD chain, black rubber and leather ones. The most stylish mixture is the all black stealth style combining the black PVD steel shell with the same color strap and black dial, which exuberates very strong virility.