Take to the Skies

Wakmann’s introduction of the Pilot Siren is a perfect blend of American’s aviation spirit and Swiss craftsmanship.

Wakmann’s genesis can be traced toAmericawhere its design details were forged. Yet it is Swiss-made: retaining all the hallmark of top-notch Swiss craftsmanship. The Americans are the proud design innovators while the Swiss provide the expertise distilled from centuries of intricate watchmaking. Wakmann expertly combines the best of both worlds, and inject cocksure aviation detailing into the mix – culminating in the Pilot Series as its marquee headliner.

In particular, the Pilot Siren is beautifully constructed with curvatures that bring to mind refinement and sophistication. Clarity and eligibility is vital during flight, hence each index along with hour and minute hands are clearly marked. And with 14 state of the art Swiss-made luminous tubes that render the watch highly usable despite dim or irregular lighting conditions – both commercial and military pilots in particular relish this feature.

Fittingly, the subdials at the 3 and 9 position are reminiscence of the flight counters in the cockpit. Gold plating is utilised generously both on the casing and dial face in acknowledgement of top-ranked flight captains and their gold studded badge of honour. It is a given that the wearer will garner admiring glances due to the associated high-regard flyboys are often accorded. It’s a knowing salute as well as a status symbol.

The Pilot Siren is also crowd pleaser due to being extremely wearable and the much welcomed inclusion of an alarm component that completes the entirety. In addition, The 6 position boasts a large date window that can be adjusted by pulling out the crown pusher a notch. Similarly, displacing two notches allows adjustment to the time and the alarm. The alarm itself can be gently halted with the pusher at 4. The substantial chiming of the alarm is also discernible even in background with ambient noises. The ease of use is a premium that is often taken for granted by purveyors of overly complicated timepieces. It’s positive affirmation of high-flying engineering dexterity.