A Fighter Seizing Every Minute and Second

During the Second World War, a Russian Mr. Icko Wakmann was inPortugalrunning watch business. At that time his unique insight made him notice that manyAmericawatch manufacturers were requisitioned by the government to manufacture equipment for the military and could not give consideration to the commercial and civilian timepiece business. Plus, American government imposed tax on imported high-class Swiss watches in order to support local watch manufacturing industry. That was a good opportunity of entrepreneurship in the watch industry. Therefore, Mr. Wakmann, together with his wife and children, decided to go toAmericaand established the Wakmann Watch Company ofNew Yorkin 1946, stepping onto the road of professional watch production.

Wakmann was soon appointed as a timepiece supplier for the American military, and the brand's aviation timepiece had become more and more exquisite. Meanwhile, a variety of professional aviation timepieces were developed, including special timer for warplane and aircraft cockpit, as well as all kinds of aviation watches etc.

As a leading aviation chronometer maker in the industry, Wakmann has always been upholding four business philosophy, namely the professional accuracy, pursuit of high quality, innovative research and novel design. The watch design of the brand also reflects a unique spirit - like the pilots operating fighters in the air who are attentive with a determined look, seizing every minute and second to complete the task. This kind of warrior spirit is seen in the details of Wakmann's watches. For confident, precise, and modern warriors, Wakmann is their ideal choice on the wrist.

Wakmann provides fashionable, affordable, and durable watches for both men and women. All watches of the brand are Swiss production with the highest level of quality. As this Pilot Series Unitime, it has integrated the advanced technology, exquisite functions and excellent design.

Self-powered Micro Gas Tube Technology

The brand has introduced advanced self-powered micro gas tube technology from Swiss and configured onto the dial and time scales. Without external light source, each gas lamp can light independently and the life is up to 25 years. In addition, its brightness is over 100 times more than the light of titanium luminous paint used by general aviation watches, making the wearer can clearly read the time in different light environments at any time. It is especially suitable for application in the cabin environment with light scattering from different angles, therefore it has become a very important technology feature of Wakmann. This Pilot Unitime has 12 rod-like time scales and two pointer, which include 14 pieces ofSwitzerland's most advanced self-powered micro tubes, so as to ensure that in any brightness and environment, the pilot can accurately and clearly read the time.

Combining Design Features of Fighters

In the aspect of design, the new Pilot Unitime Pilot Series Two-place Chronometer completely owns the due characteristics of aviation watches. First of all are the simple layout and readable dial. Besides time scales and pointers with self-powered micro tubes, there is a dual window calendar display at the 12 position. Plus, large crown also helps pilots quickly and accurately adjust the time. Although the whole design has been up to professional level, Wakmann is not satisfied with that. As the mainstay in the Swiss watch industry, Wakmann not only adheres to the tradition, but also has been daring to be the first to make breakthrough, which is full of fighting spirit of warriors. This kind of spirit is also reflected in the watch design of the brand, of which the Pilot Unitime has the most quintessence of warriors. Smooth lines of watchcase share an identical nature with fighter fuselage lines. Moreover, the two-place display panel at the 6 position of the dial 6 looks extremely like the dashboard layout of the cabin. Its design originates from the injector at the tail of the fighter, which can not only give a clear indication of the second time zones, but also fully shows Wakmann's warrior spirit.

Dual Time Display Function

Speaking of the second time zone display panel at the 6 position, as a functional highlight of the Pilot Unitime dual time watch, it has to be mentioned. One of the advantages of this function is the easy adjustment. There is a button at the 4 position on the watchcase, which is used to confirm and start the wearer's adjustment of the second time zone. Press and hold the button for about 2 seconds to see that the small minute hand on the two-place disc rotates a circle, showing that the time adjustment mechanism of the second time zone has been launched. At this time, press the button not more than 1 second, and then adjust hours by the crown. Afterwards, hold down the button for about 1 to 2 seconds, and then adjust the minutes. After finishing, long press the button for about 10 seconds to easily complete the setting of second time zone adjustment. This watch is convenient to the busy travelers who shuttle to and from different countries and different time zones, as a simple glance can tell the real time of two places including the local time as well as the home time.